492 Lorne Scots RCACC

Fergus Army Cadets


The Royal Canadian Army Cadets is a national youth program operated and funded by the Canadian Armed Forces, in partnership with and the Army Cadet League of Canada, a civilian non-profit organization. Cadets are aged 12 to 18, and not members of the military.

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Our fundraising efforts simply do not provide sufficient funding for our accommodations, training and other necessities. Therefore we must seek the good will or the financial aid of local supporters, such as yourself.


We understand that school and family is important to you and your cadet, and that sometimes it will have to come before cadets. That being said, participation in cadet activities can provide your cadet with many leadership and training opportunities not taught in school.

About Us

Cadets Canada is the oldest, largest and most successful youth development program in Canada, and the 492 Lorne Scots looks forward to proudly serving the Fergus Area. Our Cadets come from diverse backgrounds within the local and surrounding communities. It is our goal to provide the cadets with the structure, training, and experiences that will guide and nurture them into our leaders of tomorrow, while developing positive attributes to become good and productive citizens.

The Cadet program is provided free to all young men and women ages 12 to 18 in part through the sponsorships provided by the Department of National Defence (DND), the Army Cadet League of Canada (Ontario) and the tireless support from our parents and volunteers. Uniforms along with the basic local training programs are provided at no cost and a free summer (training) camp is also available.